Class locations

Classes are offered at one of the following locations. If you are not sure at which location your class is being held, please scroll down for a class location list.

Dowdle Center
The Dowdle Center is located on the corner of Governors Drive and Gallatin Street. The building sits between HealthSouth Rehab Hospital and Governors Medical Tower where Spine & Neuro Center is located. The address is 109 Governors Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801.

Women's Pavilion (Classrooms 120A and 120B)
The Women's Pavilion is located at 910 Adams St., Huntsville, AL 35801. Both classrooms are just past the elevators and to the right.

Madison Hospital Classroom
Madison Hospital is located at 8375 Hwy 72W. The classroom is on the first floor just past the cafeteria on the left.

Madison Hospital Wellness Center Classroom
The Madison Wellness Center is on the campus of Madison Hospital. Madison Hospital is located at 8375 U.S. Hwy. 72W.

Class name Location
Boot Camp for New Dads Dowdle Center
Breastfeeding (Huntsville) Dowdle Center
Breastfeeding (Madison) Madison Hospital Classroom
Childbirth (Huntsville) Dowdle Center
Childbirth (Madison) Madison Hospital Wellness Center Classroom
Childbirth Refresher Dowdle Center
Cesarean Childbirth Dowdle Center
Girl Talk Dowdle Center
Guy Talk Dowdle Center
Grandparenting Dowdle Center
Maternity Tours (Women & Children) Women & Children lobby
Maternity Tours (Madison Hospital) Madison Hospital lobby
Marvelous Multiples Women's Pavilion 120B
Parenting (Huntsville) Dowdle Center
Parenting (Madison) Madison Hospital Wellness Center Classroom
Safe Sitter (Huntsville) Women's Pavilion 120A
Safe Sitter (Madison) Madison Hospital classroom
Sibling Dowdle Center