Child Life Program

The Child Life program provides preparation and support for pediatric medical procedures, surgery and your general hospital stay.

Group visits to our hospital
We appreciate the many community organizations that visit our pediatric patients to help make their hospital stay more pleasant. To ensure that visits enhance patient experience, all groups must schedule their visits through the Child Life Department and adhere to the Group Visit Guidelines.

To schedule a group visit:

  • A designated group representative must submit the Group Visit Application including an electronic signature accepting the terms of the Group Visit Guidelines at least 14 days before the proposed visit date.
  • All group members must review the Group Visit Guidelines prior to the proposed date.
  • The designated group representative will receive confirmation via email or phone that the group visit and the proposed date and time are approved by the Child Life Department.

Practicum and internship opportunities
Child Life specialists are prepared at the bachelors and masters levels in Child Life, Child Development and other related fields. Professional certification is available to qualified candidates through the Child Life Certifying Committee. Certified Child Life specialists (CCLS) must pass the Child Life Professional Certification Examination. For more information, contact the Child Life Council.

If you are interested in a Child Life practicum or internship, you may download the applications here:

Arts in Medicine (AIM)

This program gives pediatric patients the chance to express themselves through art. It integrates literary, performing and visual arts into fun, family-centered activities to help children cope with their medical condition and hospital stay.

Some of our programs include:

  • The Visual Arts: Painting, arts and crafts, jewelry making
  • The Literary Arts: Creative writing, personal journaling, poetry, story time
  • The Performing Arts: Music, dance
  • Design: Rotating art exhibits in select locations throughout the hospital

Artist Volunteers Needed
Artist volunteers are trained and supervised by the program coordinator to provide creative arts experiences to pediatric patients and families. For more information please contact Melissa Lawson at (256) 265-2787 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This program was made possible thanks to the generous donations from the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.