Choose the right hospital to deliver your baby.

WC-Sleep-SackThere are many things to consider when choosing a hospital to deliver your baby. Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children is committed to providing you and your baby with high quality care and the comforting amenities you expect for such an important event in your family’s life.

We respect and support your choices.

From exclusive breastfeeding to natural childbirth, our physicians and nurses respect the choices you make for your birthing plan and actively support you and your baby throughout your stay with us.

Bonding with your baby in the first hours is important.

The first hours after delivery are a once-in-a-lifetime moment for you and your baby. A specially trained nurse will be with you during this time to encourage skin-to-skin bonding and offer breastfeeding support. Additionally, newborn care including the first bath is done at your bedside allowing you and your baby to stay together during this special time. This approach to newborn care is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics because of the many benefits it has for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding support is always available.

Our staff supports exclusive breastfeeding because of the proven health benefits for you and your baby. With certified lactation specialists and maternity nurses trained in breastfeeding support we can provide you with assistance and guidance whenever you and your baby need it. We also offer breastfeeding classes for expectant mothers as well as continued support after discharge from the hospital through our weekly Breastfeeding Mothers Group.

What you can expect in a Cesarean delivery.

Nurses are at the bedside after cesarean deliveries to ensure that time is made for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin bonding as soon as possible. Cesarean deliveries are also attended by a neonatal nurse to begin immediate specialized care, should your baby need it. 

Our Level III NICU is more than a special care nursery.

Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children is home to the only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in north Alabama and southern Tennessee. Our highly trained and experienced neonatologists and neonatal nurses care for critically ill babies born at our hospital or transferred from other hospitals in the region.

Your baby’s safety and security is our priority.

Our advanced security measures and monitoring systems are designed to help keep your baby safe during your hospital stay. Maternity staff wears special identification badges so you can easily recognize who is authorized to help you with your baby.

Our Safe Sleep program uses special sleep garments for your infant while in the hospital. This eliminates the need for extra bedding (blankets, toys, etc.) that can pose a danger to a sleeping baby. To encourage safe sleep practices at home, each family receives a complimentary sleep garment upon discharge.

Additionally, we follow best practice recommendations set forth by leaders in newborn safety to prevent infant falls. This includes the use of bed rails, placing babies in bedside cribs when parents need to sleep and educating families about the risk of infant falls at home.