Children's Services and Specialties

Pediatric ER

Pediatric ER doctor with patient

Our Pediatric ER is your peace of mind because our team knows more about treating your child’s emergency. With the only dedicated pediatric emergency services in the North Alabama region, we care for more than 36,000 children every year -- from minor illness to critical injury.

Led by pediatric emergency medicine physicians, our pediatric-trained staff includes nurse practitioners, registered nurses and respiratory therapists. Physicians representing almost every pediatric specialty are on our medical staff, giving your child quick access to a wide range of expertise on our campus. And if it’s needed, we offer the region’s only dedicated pediatric unit and pediatric ICU.

To keep wait times short, we offer a separate treatment area during peak times for children with minor complaints as determined by our physicians and nurses. This means a quicker ER visit with less exposure to seriously ill or injured patients.

We understand that even with this level of care and pediatric specialization, hospital visits can be stressful for children and their families. Our waiting areas are decked out with fun technology and kid-friendly surroundings, and our Child Life specialists use creative and age-appropriate techniques to ease anxiety. Thanks to the generous donors of Huntsville Hospital Foundation, children at our hospital can also request a visit from one of our certified facility dogs Asteroid and Orbit, both lovable golden retrievers trained to work in a hospital setting.

Pediatric patient with nurse and child life specialist Pediatric patient with facility dog Asteroid