Boot Camp for New Dads

"Boot Camp for New Dads" is a men-only workshop for guys expecting their first baby. During the workshop, veteran (new) dads (with their 2- to 9-month-old babies) address rookie dad-to-be concerns and questions by showing and sharing how they navigated the first months of parenthood. This licensed workshop is led by a trained coach who is also a dad! 

Topics will include:

  • Supporting new moms
  • Parenting as a team
  • Handling gatekeeping
  • Troubleshooting crying babies
  • Being the dad you want to be
  • Reinforcing your relationship before and after baby arrives
  • Navigating Mom's emotional/hormonal needs

Cost: $25 per dad
Location: Dowdle Center

Call (256) 265-7296 for more information or view the calendar below for upcoming classes.


To protect patients, staff and our community, all in-person expectant family classes and maternity tours are canceled until further notice. However, some classes are being offered online. Click to see a list of online classes.

For any questions regarding your upcoming stay, please call our Labor & Delivery unit at (256) 265-7299.